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Transportation and transit of goods at a reasonable price


Our company performs international transport throughout Europe, as well as domestic transport throughout Poland. We transport full loads, partial, bulky, loose, groupage and refrigerated loads. We also offer transport of employees from point A to point B in the best quality conditions and with full service security.

Cordics Logistics offer is addressed to companies from Poland and Europe as well as various institutions. Transport activity is made possible by the latest truck fleet. We have a rich fleet, in which there are over 120 vehicles, adapted to the specific type of goods. Our cars are equipped with the necessary safety elements, such as lashing straps, chains, anti-slip mats. The Europe transport services we offer are carried out with attention to every detail and with the highest safety. We have all the safeguards to protect the goods we transport. So you get confidence that the load will go to the unloading point intact.

National transport

We will transport everything that can be transported anywhere and at the time you choose. Regardless of whether you are looking for a service such as refrigerated transport, transport of loose materials or bulky loads, in our company you will find the perfect solution! Our crew performs orders comprehensively, starting from the implementation of the logistics process, through professional documentation, to the transport of various types of cargo.

We cooperate with customers throughout Poland, providing services such as:

Carriage of large-sized cargo

Full-truck transport

Transport of bulk and general cargo

Refrigerated transport

Partial transport

Carriage of employees

ecommerce logistics

International transport - Europe

International transport throughout Europe means comprehensive customer support throughout the entire freight transport process. We transport pallet, bulky, loose, or so-called general cargo. We also offer full truck load and partial transport, refrigerated transport and employee transport. We provide Europa Transport throughout the continent with attention to every detail, from the logistic design to professional documentation, transporting loads, ending with unloading goods in a specific place.

Our fleet consists of over 120 trucks, which we have equipped with necessary protective elements, such as lashing straps, chains, etc. Thanks to ordering transport from Europe, you get a guarantee that all types of cargo will reach the unloading station in the best condition. Our drivers have appropriate qualifications and experience in transport, and forwarders provide assistance at every stage of the process, which is express international transport.

Transport Europe - what do we offer?

By using our services, you get the opportunity to transport various types of goods. We offer transport of loose cargo placed in a suitable load box with protection in the form of curtains. We also transport general cargo in sacks, boxes or boxes placed on pallets. During transport, the goods are properly immobilized, thanks to which they do not change their position and reach the place intact.

Interested in refrigerated transport? In our company you will find the highest quality service in the form of cargo transportation at a properly selected temperature. We transport loads throughout Europe, such as fruit and vegetables, as well as flowers and other products that require refrigerated transport. In our fleet you will find the highest quality refrigerated semi-trailers enabling transport at controlled temperatures.

In addition, you can order full-truck and partial transport with us, transport of bulky loads, as well as delivery of employees throughout Europe.

What will you gain by using our solutions?

Logistics - optimizing your costs

Our innovative logistics system reduces the costs associated with such activities as transport, warehousing, handling (including acceptance of goods, internal transport, storage, packaging, separation, release). Our logistics services and the storage of goods are carried out according to strict guidelines and standards.

Financial flexibility

Do you want to take advantage of services such as transport, storage, outsourcing of employees and creation of e-commerce stores? We provide convenient payment terms for regular customers. Logistics, distribution and procurement – all these are offered at convenient prices to smaller companies as well as larger companies.

Free logistics audit

Transport and warehousing at Cordis Logistics includes a free audit of customers' warehouse logistics. For this purpose, we use many years of experience of our managers. The scope of the audit is: organizational verification of logistics and warehouses, quality management, maintenance of movement of tools and means of transport, control of deliveries and storage (including inventory).

Express transport within Europe

Interested in domestic and international transport? Cordis Logistics has a two-person crew of drivers. Thanks to this, we can deliver goods anywhere in Poland and all over Europe at an express pace. We have modern rolling stock, GPS monitoring and innovative logistics solutions. We specialize in such a service as express transport and care about the timeliness and reliability of all commissioned deliveries.

Guarantee of supply chain liquidity

We distribute from our warehouses, ensuring continuity in the supply chain. We dedicate the Project Manager, who coordinates the transport of goods. Gain tangible benefits from the transport and forwarding of our company and be sure of the safety of execution of orders. We also handle cargo handling and storage.

Best qualified employees

We provide a qualified team of employees who have many years of professional experience. We organize both accommodation for employees and delivery to workplaces. Outsourcing of employees allows you to effectively reduce operating costs in the company.


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