From the beginning, Cordis Logistic prioritywas to design a comprehensive logistics service. We are fascinated by processes, project implementation, planning and development. See how we created our offer!

E-commerce support: many years of experience

We started with providing you with transport services. Then we introduced additional services: warehousing and employee outsourcing. From there, it was very close to creation full e-commerce offer.

Over the years, we had the opportunity to learn about the real needs of our contractors. We learned from our mistakes. We also used expert advice in areas related to the organization of the supply chain. We acted consciously to create a range of services that would respond to market needs. We wanted to give our clients a sense of security and a plan to ensure their survival and successive business development.

Cordis Logistic offer

Today, after years of gaining experience and developing our business, we can offer:

Cordis Logistic - Logistics, Warehousing and much more

For the convenience of our current and future business partners, at the end of 2019, we opened another branch of our company in Wrocław. Cordis Logistic Południe is at your fingertips for customers from this part of Poland and Western Europe.

It is satisfying for us that Cordis Logistic has gained in a short time trust of many customers. We have debunked the myth that a company from a small town is not able to compete with international business.