Are you looking for a job as a driver? Join the Cordis Logistic team!

Are you a professional driver with C + E qualifications and are you looking for a job in domestic or international transport? Or maybe you are a carrier and want to start cooperation with a reliable partner? Cordis Logistic is open to new drivers and carriers who are looking for a reliable partner. Build your career with us! Who are we looking for? Cordis Logistic, as part of the SKB Group, implements a wide [...]

What is employee outsourcing?

Do you run a large company? If so, you probably need a very large group of employees to handle your daily business processes. This entails many challenges - both related to HR and payroll services, as well as monitoring the continuity of employment. If you want to optimize employee costs and simplify team management, consider taking advantage of the opportunities offered by employee outsourcing. What [...]

Nationwide Scientific Conference "The Economic Effects of the Pandemic - 2nd edition" with Cordis Logistic behind us

The coronavirus pandemic has caused drastic changes in the market. Some industries have almost completely died down due to lockdown and sanitary restrictions, while others have to deal with the side effects of the post-COVID-19 situation. Cordis Logistic actively participates in discussions about the economic consequences of the current situation. That is why we took part in the National Scientific Conference "Economic effects of the pandemic - 2nd edition". National Conference [...]

A new player in the e-commerce market? No! We have been working with you for years.

From the very beginning, Cordis Logistic's priority was to design comprehensive logistics services. We are fascinated by processes, project implementation, planning and development. See how we created our offer! E-commerce service: many years of experience We started with providing you with transport services. Then we introduced additional services: warehousing and employee outsourcing. From there, it was very close to creating a full e-commerce offer. […]