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What will you gain from our solutions?

Cost optimization

System logistyczny Cordis Logistics pozwala zredukować koszty działalności każdej firmy. Wykorzystując efekt skali, obniżamy koszty działalności związane z m in. magazynowaniem, wysyłką, obsługą reklamacji, naprawami.

Financial flexibility

Logistics, distribution and procurement – we offer favourable prices to smaller companies as well as larger companies. We provide convenient payment terms for regular customers and individual valuation of each project.

Free audit of customer inventory logistics

In order to prepare the offer, we carry out an evaluation of logistics and warehouse management processes, quality management systems, maintenance of movement of tools and means of transport, supply control and inventory.

Domestic and international transport services

Cordis Logistics has its own fleet of cars. We are ready to deliver goods expressly anywhere in Poland and all over Europe. At the same time, our freight forwarders have experience in organizing the safe transport of goods to every continent.

Supply chain fluency

The transport of goods is coordinated by a dedicated coordinator. He will answer every question you have and solve the problem. By distributing goods from our warehouses, we ensure continuity in the supply chain.

Qualified team of employees

Did you know that employees outsourcing allows you to effectively reduce operating costs in your company? Our employees have many years of professional experience. In addition, we organize both accommodation and transportation of employees to workplaces.

Deles z nową fabryką

7 lutego uczestniczyliśmy w otwarciu zakładu Deles, producenta tekturowych opakowań w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim. Nowy zakład jest w stanie produkować 20 tysięcy opakowań tygodniowo. Cordis Logistics jest biznesowym

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